Wholesale Cloud IaaS for
Service Providers

Complete Multi-Tennant White Labeled VMWare
Solutions. Diverse network options and carriers.

Extreme Performance.
180,000 IOPS.
Sub Millisecond Latency.

Measured. Proven. Scalable. Highly Available.
For those of us who need to push way beyond the normal boundaries.

Real Time Replication for Cloud DR

Replicate your on-premise VMWare environment to Terra's Enterprise Cloud


Enterprise IaaS

Your own virtual private datacenter. Private Dedicated Resource Pools of Cores, RAM and Storage in a Cloudstack Virtual Datacenter.  Three Tiers of Performance Storage Available including blazing fast Nimble Storage backed Adaptive Flash.

Cloud Replication / DR

Replicate VMware environment in near real-time for DR. Software-only and hardware-agnostic – replicate from any type of storage to any type of storage. Test failover without affecting your production environment.

Wholesale Cloud for
Service Providers

Wholesale managed Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions for Network, IT Services and Hardware providers for resale to their enterprise customers. White label, private and secure with flexible network options.

Extreme Performance
with Elastic Pricing

Take advantage of the industry’s most flexible scaling options. Scale on demand from cost effective Tier 2 storage to an blazing 180K IOPS.

Trusted by Service Providers and customers across the globe, Terra delivers the agility, elasticity and scale required for highly demanding applications. Get started with Terra and join the growing community of satisfied customers that include:

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